This past week was the anniversary of a special and controversial time for WWE and Becky Lynch. As Becky was gearing up to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, she along with the SmackDown roster attacked Raw's women's division. During the melee, Nia Jax legitimately punched Lynch, resulting in Becky suffering a concussion and a broken nose.

"I got a severe concussion and I broke my nose, so I was in [the] hospital that night after the event, so I completely blacked out after I got hit, right? But I rolled to the ropes and got back up again. I guess my autopilot kicked in and I smashed half of RAW including Runny Ronnie." Lynch recalled after the segment, "so it turns out that my autopilot is a badass too."

The WWE on FOX Twitter account resurfaced a clip from that night, stating it was one of the most memorable visuals in WWE history. Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide discussed the moment from his view backstage.

"I'll never forget being in the writers room watching this, as it was happening and all of us letting out a collective "holy s*** she's leaking," but once she stood up with the arms out we knew a moment was made."

As a result of the injuries suffered by Nia, Lynch wasn't able to compete at Survivor Series and chose Charlotte Flair to take her place. This year, Lynch is set to face NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler and SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley in a triple threat match.