Mark Hunt has been chasing a lawsuit against the UFC, UFC president Dana White and former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar for the past few years. That lawsuit was completely dismissed in a Nevada U.S. district court recently after much of it had been thrown out earlier this year.

And none of that is sitting well with Hunt.

The lawsuit in question comes from the 2016 bout between Hunt and Lesnar that took place at UFC 200. Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance, but was granted an exemption and allowed to compete. He initially won the bout, but it was overturned to a no-contest.

"I tried to make things even on the battle field of MMA but again the cheating company, Dana White, UFC with all its billions they ripped everyone off again," Hunt posted on social media. "Someone will die against a steroid using cheater and your (expletive) rip off company will be at fault UFC. I hope all you (expletive) burn, filthy dog (expletive) u can go and get (expletive). You won this battle but the war will continue."

Hunt sued the UFC, White and Lesnar for several charges including fraud. He was seeking compensatory damages and wanted Lesnar's entire $2.5 million purse turned over.

Hunt has not competed for the promotion since 2018 when he lost to Justin Willis.