Scarlett Bordeaux took to Twitter to comment on officially signing with WWE. Bordeaux, Shotzi Blackheart, Indi Hartwell and referee Stephon Smith have all reported for training at the WWE Performance Center.

Bordeaux has wrestled once on WWE television, losing a squash match to Nia Jax on RAW in 2016. Bordeaux wrote that now that she's officially signed with the company, she plans to take back the word "Diva" while still being a Superstar.

"I never understood why people say 'Diva; like it's a bad word," Bordeaux wrote. "And of course everybody wants to be a Superstar. Well I'm insatiable, why settle for one, when you can be both?

"Still a 10, still a Smokeshow, and now...?? A Super Diva."

WWE has seemed to push the envelope more this year in regards to some of their female talents. Bordeaux spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast in January and we asked if her success might be a reason for the change in direction.

"I think, for a while, there was a lot of limits on everything with women..." Bordeaux told us. "For a while they were pulling back the sexiness and placing a limit on what you could do. They are kinda loosening that and saying its okay to have a little bit [of sexiness] which is great.

"I've seen a few things the last few weeks which actually makes me really happy. They're loosening up a little bit on the way they are stopping women being sexy."

Bordeaux, who had a tryout with WWE this past September, also felt that talents who have criticized her character are hypocrites that are ultimately disrespecting women who were labelled Divas in the past.

"I think a lot of them are hypocrites because a lot of these same women are amazing wrestlers, but they also do these sexy photo shoots and bikini photos," Bordeaux said. "Every woman we like being called pretty. We like being called sexy... A lot of women are there to put other women down. It's also talking down to the women who were Divas back in the day."

Bordeaux's boyfriend, Killer Kross, also commented on her signing with WWE, writing, "Love this woman. Absolutely can't wait for the world to see her at her absolute best. No words will ever truly elude to how proud I am of her for always fighting for what she believes in and fighting for her dreams."

You can see both tweets below: