WWE NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa took to Twitter with a harsh response to words from Roman Reigns over the weekend.

As noted, NXT Superstars are expected to appear on tonight's RAW to continue the Survivor Series build that began on Friday's SmackDown with the NXT invasion angles. The NXT Superstars were brought to SmackDown originally because several top SmackDown Superstars would be missing the show due to the Saudi Arabia travel issues. Reigns was one of the top stars who missed SmackDown.

Reigns tweeted over the weekend and wrote, "I respect y'all stepping up...but don't get too comfortable in my yard. @WWENXT #SmackDown"

Ciampa responded and said he will disrespect The Big Dog's yard in a major way.

Ciampa wrote, "With all due 'respect'... I will [pile of poop emoji] in "your" yard."

Ciampa made another tweet today where he said he's always backing the black & yellow crew if there's going to be a war.

"If there's gonna be a war, I know who my first choice is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every day in between," he wrote, also adding a line that said the black & yellow hearts are better than the red and blue hearts.

Sasha Banks also made an interesting tweet on the NXT vs. main roster beef this weekend, saying Vince McMahon is better than Triple H.

Banks wrote, "Vince > HunTAH! Im coming to collect. @WWENXT #moneyovereverything #SmackdownOnFOX"

Dana Brooke sent a warning to Bianca Belair over her backstage beatdown on SmackDown. She wrote, "Lemme tell ya something @BiancaBelairWWE ... War is just getting started- I'll give ya something to hold .. you wanna play dirty.. I can play !! Watch ur back or ur stupid braid [relieved face emoji] cause imma snatch you bald [bald woman emoij] ... #wwe @WWE #SmackDown @WWEonFOX @WWENXT"

NXT General Manager William Regal also chimed in. "Hello. We are @WWENXT," he wrote.

Matt Riddle posted a photo of his Bro Derek to Sami Zayn and said it should've been to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

"This should've been Brock! Maybe next time bro #nxt #raw #smackdown," Riddle wrote.

Ricochet invited the NXT Superstars to tonight's RAW. He wrote, "Y'all come on out to #Raw! Myself, along with a whole group of guys and gals will be waiting. [winking emoji]"

Aleister Black also issued a warning to the roster. He tweeted, "Bring your apocalypse, bring your horsemen. Allow me to.. Dream.. #SurvivorSeries"

It was noted before how SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley warned the NXT roster about Triple H. She wrote, "He'll turn his back on every single one of you too someday."

SmackDown Tag Team Champion Scott Dawson responded to Bayley and wrote, "Yah. I remember when he liked us."

Alexa Bliss responded to Dawson and wrote, "Atleast he liked you [face with tears of joy emoji] [person raising both hands in celebration emoji]"

Dawson responded, "That was back when me and dash were good and having MOTY. We've lost our touch and aren't as good as we used to be."

It was also noted before how Triple H and Shawn Michaels first took to Twitter and fired shots after Friday's episode went off the air. The WWE Hall of Famers are representing NXT in the battle.

Triple H wrote, "Tonight we showed the world WE ARE NXT. #Raw and #Smackdown... YOUR move. You know where to find us... Every Wednesday night 8pm on @USA_Network."

Michaels added, "Do we have your attention? #Raw #smackdown #WeAreNXT"

Stay tuned for more on the NXT vs. main roster build for Survivor Series.

For those who missed them, below are the previous tweets along with some of the newer ones and more: