Last week, Cody offered up his truck, a pair of red bottom shoes, an expensive watch, and even $50,000 to get MJF in the ring with him after MJF turned on his friend at Full Gear.

On tonight's AEW Dynamite, MJF addressed Cody's challenge for a match and ended up deciding he will face Cody, but there will be some stipulations for the match. MJF said he will give those stipulation on the January 1 episode of Dynamite in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily's Place. Earlier this month, MJF had said he wasn't going to wrestle Cody, but sounds like he's changed his mind, if Cody accepts whatever his stipulations are.

Earlier in the show, QT Marshall took the pin as he teamed up with Cody against The Butcher and The Blade. The debuting tag team was hired by MJF to go after Cody, as said by MJF himself. After the match, Darby Allin came to the ring and put his hand out to help Cody off the floor.

Afterwards on social media, Allin offered up to be Cody's partner against The Butcher and The Blade, also noting if they win, he wants a one-on-one rematch against Cody. The two wrestlers went to a time-limit draw back in June at Fyter Fest.

"On June 29th 2019 I made my debut for @AEWrestling. Me and Cody had a time limit draw. I never forgot that. You need a partner for Butcher and Blade? I'll join you and if we win you give me that REMATCH."