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No cold open. Intro song plays. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to today's show edition of NXT UK. Commentary tells us that following last week's mayhem, Gallus leader Joe Coffey will meet with NXT UK champion WALTER to negotiate.

Toni Storm makes her way to the ring for our opening contest. Huge pop from the crowd. She'll be battling Killer Kelly.

Toni Storm versus Killer Kelly

Storm catches an early kick attempt from Kelly. She bounces off the ropes...dropkick. Storm unloads a vicious combination, then hits a running boot. Kelly fires back with clubbing forearms that take Storm off her feet. Kelly drives her forearm into Storm's neck and applies a headlock. Storm escapes but Kelly brings her down with a snapmare. PK kick blocked by Storm...she responds with a lariat. Storm-Zero set-up...Kelly has it scouted and rolls her up for a two count. Superkick by Storm...she goes for Storm-Zero again...this time it connects. This one is over quick.

Toni Storm wins by pinfall

Storm grabs a microphone for a post-match promo but UK women's champion Kay Lee Ray attacks her from behind. Piper Niven runs out to make the save. Ray flees the ring as Niven stares her down from the ring. Niven then offers Storm a hand to help her up, but Storm slaps it away and screams that she doesn't need her help.

Backstage interview with Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. They say it's very rare that they agree with the Grizzled Young Veterans, but Gallus' interference did stop a true number one tag contender from being determined. Andrews asks General Manager Johnny Saint to give he and Webster another chance, and prove that they are not one-hit wonders.

Commercial for Friday Night SmackDown.

Footage of Niven and Storm arguing backstage. "I don't need your help...I just need my title," screams Storm. Niven says fine and leaves her be.

The Hunt (Wild Board & Primate) are out next for tag team action. They'll be going up against NXT's The Outliers (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak)

The Hunt versus The Outliers

Moss and Boar begin. Wristlock from Boar. He makes a quick-tag to Primate who continues to soften up the arm. Continuous quick tags from the Hunt. Moss brings Boar down with a massive shoulder block. Mak brought in. He bulldozes right through Boar before slamming his knees into his gut. Tandem offense from the Outliers. Moss traps Boar in his team's corner and lays into him with stiff right hands and stomps. Deadlift rib-breaker by Mak. The referee isn't in position for the cover, so Mak applies a massive bear-hug. Boar shows some fight by biting Mak's hand but the big man retakes control with a choke-slam off his knee. Moss drives his shoulder in Boar's gut...he charges but Boar moves and he collides with the turnbuckle. Primate gets the hot tag. He hits a dropkick on Mak, then back body drops Moss. Corner lariats by Primate. Boar sends Moss to the outside with a saito suplex. Double-team offense by The Hunt. Diving headbutt from Primate onto Mak. Another from Board. A third from Primate. Double headbutts. They got em!

The Hunt win by pinfall

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Back from break...Jordan Devlin is out next. He'll be competing in singles-action against...A-Kid.

Jordan Devlin versus A-Kid

Devlin taunts Kid before they tie-up. He goes for a cheap shot...Kid ducks and takes him down. Nice back and forth ground wrestling exchange. Pace picks up very quickly. Devlin rocks Kid with an elbow. Kid answers with a rope-assisted arm-drag and a dropkick. To the apron...Kid goes for a sprinboard maneuver but Devlin enziguri's Kid's leg and he grabs the knee. Devlin now targets the limb, slamming it off the mat. He picks him up...shinbreaker. He places Kid's leg on the ropes and stomps down. Tyler Bate comes down to ringside to cheer Kid on. Devlin doesn't look pleased. He continues to wear Kid down in front of Bate. After a few pin attempts...Kid hits an incredible twisting DDT off the ropes. Both men are down. Devlin goes to the outside...Kid connects with a suicide dive. Back in the ring...flying crossbody from Kid, followed by a Northern lights suplex for a nearfall. Kid's leg gives out on him allowing Devlin to hit the slingshot cutter. Kid shakes it off...Canadian destroyer has Devlin stunned. Devlin to ringside again...springboard moonsault. Loud NXT chants. Bate tries to give Kid some words of encouragement but it gives Devlin an opportunity to punt him in the face. Devlin side...that'll do it.

Jordan Devlin wins by pinfall

Afterwards Bate attends to a hurt A-Kid as Devlin celebrates at the top of the ramp.

Promo from Jinny, who is accompanied by Jazzy Gabert. She admits that Piper Niven defeated her, but that Gabert was unfairly ejected from ringside. She says that no matter what...she and Gabert are fine. Gabert interrupts her video to reassure that they are fine, although the moment is tense.

Triple-threat bout between Ligero and Travis Banks and Joseph Conners is next.

Ligero versus Travis Banks versus Joseph Conners

Banks and Ligero immediately go after Conners, lighting him up with stiff kicks and chops. They toss him from the ring and tie-up themselves. Quick series of pins...double backslide pin...Conners pushes them off for a double-cover...two count. Ligero drops Conners with an enziguri. Double-step through stunner from Ligero. Banks slows him down with a double-stomp from the apron. Conners nails a few shots but Banks takes him down with a bottom rope suicide dive. Inside the ring...Banks hits a middle-rope senton. Ligero charges Banks...he kicks out his shin and Ligero flies into the corner crashing into Conners. Conners uses an opening to DDT Ligero off a springboard. He cranks both Ligero and Banks' neck at the same time. Short-armed lariat for a two count. Some fun spots that see all three guys shine. Nice ovation from the crowd. Banks takes Conners out with the slice of heaven and kiwi crusher. Ligero nails the C4 DDT on Banks. Running boot from Conners, followed by his elevated flatliner. Banks breaks the pin attempt with a top rope double-stomp. Conners eventually whips Banks into Ligero on the apron, and hits Don't Look Down for the win.

Joseph Conners wins by pinfall

Kassius Ohno promo. He says he's had time to reflect on his match with Tyler Bate, and he knows what happened. He says Bate got under his skin and made him forget him why he came to NXT UK in the first place. "The Knockout Artist takes a back seat to the Wrestling Genius. No more rolling-elbows or Cyclone Kicks." Ohno runs down a list of British-technique moves he plans on utilizing for future showdowns.

In the ring...General Manager Johnny Saint and his assistant Sid Scala stand in the ring for the Joe Coffey and WALTER contract signing. Joe Coffey is out first, Gallus is nowhere to be seen. WALTER comes out alone as well. Coffey grabs a microphone and says that if WALTER wants to keep walking this path, his Imperium boys are going to get hurt. "What do I want? What does Joe Coffey want? I want that." (Referring to the NXT UK title) WALTER says big surprise. "I don't step back from any challenge, but you're not getting anything for free here. What do I get in return?" WALTER says he wants Mark Coffey and Wolfgang to defend their tag team titles against Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, and for Ilja Dragunov to battle Alexander Wolfe in a no-dq showdown. This brings Dragunov out. He says "Make the agreement."

Scala makes it official. Next week Gallus defends the tag titles against Imperium. At a later date, Alexander Wolfe will face Ilja Dragunov in a no-dq bout, and at NXT UK Takeover Blackpool, WALTER will defend the NXT UK championship against Joe Coffey. As Coffey, Scala, and Saint leave, WALTER calls out Dragunov. He says he just made a bad decision. Dragunov then gets jumped by Imperium who were hiding under the ring. They beat him down and powerbomb him through a table. Imperium stands tall over Dragunov.

That's the show friends.