Lacey Evans opened up on this week's episode of The Bump about the rough upbringing she had as a child. Growing up, Evans was surrounded by addiction and depression. She recalls the passing of her father and how difficult it was for her to get over.

"I was raised in a very big household with lots of siblings," Evans began. "My mother and father both struggled with addiction and depression. I'm not quite to the point where I can talk about it without shedding a tear, but my father lost the battle to depression and addiction with an overdose just two months before my WWE tryout. We were very, very close. That was what I was used to, that lifestyle, and I didn't have the good role models to point me in the right direction or to make me strong. So, I joined the Marine Corps. I didn't know what I wanted to be, but I knew for a fact what I didn't want to live in, which was the drugs and the mental health.

"So, I used my platform to show the world regardless if you're the addict, or the baby that is stuck in it, or living in that type of life, even down to simple depression, where you feel like life is kicking you and beating you, it's a terrible, terrible thing to be in. I know exactly what it feels like. Here I am, just taking it one day at a time-raising a strong, confident, and proud little lady (her daughter Summer), who doesn't have to worry that her mom can't wake up."

While she was in the Marines, Evans decided to become a SWAT team member. She says the hardest thing was learning how to balance her role as an officer and a mother.

"I joined the Marine Corps, obviously, to find the motivation, the drive, and the good role models," Evans reiterated. "When I went down to the recruiting office, I signed on the dotted line. Then it was time for me to choose a job, which I chose to be a military police officer. What better way to stop the negative, and set a good example, and stop the threats in life across the board. I joined the Marine Corps at 19, and I ended up being the only female on the SWAT team at Parris Island, South Carolina. It was another way to not only to stop the bad, but to promote the good and set a proper example to my daughter. It was difficult, especially being a female in the Marine Corps for one, and raising a daughter for two. I mean there were moments where I was pumping breast milk one minute, and loading my gun the next and having to keep them apart. I was juggling all of that and having to prove to not only the men, but that I could do my job as a mother, you know?"

Evans never thought that she would become a household name after signing with the WWE. She mentioned in her interview that her goal was to never become famous. Instead, she just wanted to inspire others who were going through the same upbringing as she once faced herself.

"My biggest fear was I never wanted to be famous," Evans noted. "I'll say that until the day I either get released or end up working back at McDonald's, it's fine. I didn't want that. The thought of being able to impact people because of where I came from and knowing what I'm capable of regardless of the cards that I had, just motivated the hell out of me. So I said, you know what, not only will I sign this contract with the WWE, I'm going to take every chance that I can to help those babies that are going through what I went through, and help those adults that need professional help to get off the drugs and out of depression."

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