The concept of intergender wrestling is always a controversial one as one side is all for it while the other side thinks both men and women wrestlers should stay in their respective lanes.

Nikki Cross was asked about WWE possibly having intergender wrestling and she pointed to the Mixed Match Challenge as something that could lead to intergender matches.

"We have the Mixed Match Challenge. That was a massive success and everyone loved that. It was something a little different than the people could sink their teeth into," Cross said to Sportskeeda.

"There's so much more we could do with Mixed Match Challenge. We could do more often and I think it will be successful. For me, we tell these stories on WWE television. We tell so many different stories, and 100 percent that's an avenue that could be explored more with the stories. For you know, what we do it's no different than other TV shows that are produced weekly and I think the fans will be intrigued to see what else we could do with that."

Cross hasn't taken part in a Mixed Match Challenge season yet, but she already has someone in mind when asked who her dream partner would be.

"Obviously, my husband Killian Dain. He is making waves right now in NXT, and so for me, I would love to do the Mixed Match Challenge with him," Cross said before adding how he's helped her since she debuted in 2008.

"He had a huge part in my training. He guided me and helped me a lot and he's really like someone I need for ideas or advice, or I just steal his ideas. Well, we share, it's a marriage. So for me, being able to work with him is always fun."

Cross was still in NXT when WWE held its first female-only pay-per-view with Evolution in 2018. The event wasn't brought back this year but Cross would certainly welcome its return.

"I would love it to happen. Evolution, I was watching that, and I was oh my god... this is fantastic. Such a wonderful thing, you know, women from the past, women from the present and the women of the future because we have to remember women back in 2000. When I started watching wrestling, in WWE it was Lita and Trish Stratus and you had Molly Holly and Torrie and Gail Kim and Mickie James, all these women who were really breaking down barriers then," stated Cross who is already looking forward to a yet unannounced Evolution II.

"Every generation has broken down even more doors and more barriers. Women from the past, they all got to be celebrated. Women from the present, they were also being showcased and then, you know, all of that laced that for the future stars, for women like myself. For Evolution II, that will present such an amazing and another showcase where we came from the first Evolution. So we will see what happens and I'm so excited for all of our women's divisions. It's just a great time and I think the Evolution gave a more lasting legacy stamp on us. So, I would love to compete on Evolution II."