Former WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth recently caught up with Sam Roberts on his Not Sam Podcast, and during the discussion, Truth brought up some of his favorite moments when winning the 24/7 title. He mentioned the golf course scene they filmed last summer and the hilarity that ensued when he tried to catch up to Carmella's golf cart.

"The golf course was good because I think we maybe did like three takes for that, and the last take is when I told Carmella - we had never driven a golf cart before. So I say, 'You push the gas and if you push it slow, it will probably putter putter along and I'm going pass you, stop, and then I'll jump on.' She said, 'Okay.' I couldn't catch that damn thing, and she drug me," Truth said. "She drug me the whole field, and then I turned around and the owner and like eight or nine guys there were on the ground laughing that worked there. That was a funny moment.

"And the tarmac at the airport, that was a funny one... Just being out there and doing that, it was the birth of, 'Okay, this could get really crazy.' Me coming on Drake's honeymoon, that's one of my favorites as well... [When we did the golf course segment], Jinder was like, 'Oh, they want me in my gear?' I though, well, that's even better. I'm about to laugh right now." Truth continued. "And then him putting his gear on in his car, not understanding this, and then when he saw that in less than 24 hours we got a million views, he goes, 'I get it.' I said, 'Bro, I'm about to run with this hype.'"

Truth says that during a recent segment where he got to interview stars like Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes, Snipes was adamant that he come guest star in WWE and win the 24/7 title.

"I got to interview some people from movies... Wesley Snipes was talking about becoming the first actor to become the 24/7 Champion," Truth revealed. "Man, Wesley Snipes had his hand on his chin while I was interviewing them and he was still contemplating, going, 'What do I have on my schedule tonight? Because I think I'm going to go to the Staples Center and try to win this title.' That would have been great, man."

Truth revealed that numerous of the 24/7 title segments are actually his own creative ideas. However, the WWE creative team also has their input in what antics he gets into each week.

"We do both [my original ideas and creative's ideas.] I would say that a lot of good [24/7 title] ideas, I came up with. The wedding, the honeymoon, we just pick the most outrageous thing that's about to happen and we just throw it up, like throwing poop against the wall to see what stick," Truth explained.

With the Royal Rumble coming up, Truth recalled his memorable moment in the 2016 Rumble when he pulled a ladder out from under the ring with the misunderstanding that it wasn't a Money In The Bank ladder match he was competing in. Truth says that was his own original idea and Vince absolutely loved it.

"When I came up with that idea, I went up to Vince and said, 'Hey, I've got an idea.' [He said], 'What?' 'What if I got a ladder from up under the ring for the Rumble?'" Truth said. "And he looked at me and he burst out laughing and said, 'We're doing it.' I didn't know how it would turn out or if anyone would follow it, or get it."

Although Truth was the first-ever African American NWA World Champion and has countless other career accomplishments, he's comfortable with the idea that his entertaining segments with the 24/7 championship may become a defining part of his legacy. Truth keeps a positive mindset for the future while being secure in his past successes.

"I am fine with that; like, I am beyond ecstatic about that," Truth stated. "I have reached heights that probably nobody else is going to reach. I've been places, done things, I've joined together worlds, made memories with people that nobody else will get to do. And that's the truth."

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