Triple H stuck his foot in his mouth last week during a media scrum in the United Kingdom. He was talking about Edge and Paige possibly stepping back in the ring again and he brought up the fact that Edge has kids. The Game followed up by adding, "You know, Paige - she probably has some [kids] she doesn't know of."

Triple H then reached out to Paige to apologize and also issued an apology over social media. Ryback discussed his comment when Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri joined him on Conversations With The Big Guy Ryback.

"That's a joke typically you say about guys. I think that makes him look foolish as how would she have kids she doesn't know about? I know it's jokes and haha but it's a joke for guys and not typically for women," said Ryback. "It comes off as a little bit of bullying, to me, and I've seen how he is within that environment and I think it was a little slip on his part from Hunter backstage to Hunter in the media. I've seen that all too often being there.

"With her background, I don't understand the point of knocking her over in the UK. She's loved over there. It just makes him look really foolish in my opinion and I'm glad he apologized because he should. That's the kinda stuff when you make that joke then she's gonna get hate from people too because he's doing it.

"It's a joke for guys and not a joke you make about a woman. I'm glad he apologized for it because it puts her in a bad position. Just imagine being her and it's demonizing because she likes to have sex? That's a whole other argument."

Ryback then said that Hunter likes to get laughs but only at others expense. Raj then noted that Paige had said before that she can't have kids and has struggled with depression because of that.

"Fans are relentless on that and Hunter just relit that flame for her so now she has to deal with it again. I just think it's a f***ing bad move. That could re-trigger comments for another f***ing year for her from all those losers out there," stated Ryback. "That goes deeper than trying to get a haha joke especially in her home country. Would you go to Canada and try to tell a sh*tty Bret Hart joke for a pop? I don't understand the mindset."

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