Before making an appearance in tonight's Royal Rumble, Samoa Joe spoke with talkSPORT about a handful of topics.

Last year, WWE ran a storyline where Roman Reigns was attacked, which took fans down a long, winding road to figure out who his attacker was. Joe played a part in the story where it almost looked like he would team up with Reigns.

Joe noted a stable with people he gelled with would be welcome, but just putting together people because they have the same cultural heritage was something he found "weird."

"I think it kind of just unfolded the way it did," Samoa Joe said. "Obviously, there's always these thoughts, but yeah, I don't think there really were [any other plans]. I mean, yeah. I think the same thing could be said for The Usos, we definitely probably could gel and it would work out well, but at the same time, we're all real individual personalities and I'd hate to be grouped with a bunch of people just because we share the same cultural heritage. That's weird, in this day and age."

Last June, Paul Heyman was named Executive Director of RAW, giving him more power to cultivate storylines for the red brand. Joe was asked how that change has been for the creative side of the show.

"It's been going great," Samoa Joe responded. "Anyone who knows Paul, he's an extremely passionate individual. I will say this: Paul is the most charismatic pitch-man as far as wanting to do anything you will find in sports entertainment. The fans are treated to Paul Heyman soliloquies on TV all the time. He's a very good wordsmith and a very good orator and imagine this on a voicemail at four in the afternoon. Just a very well-crafted, Paul Heyman little diatribe where he lays out to you [does Paul Heyman's voice] his vision of what I see! It's fun. It's awesome. They're cool messages."