Prior to defeating Willie Mack at Hard to Kill to retain the Impact tag titles, The North took part in a media scrum where they addressed a number of topics.

Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman was on hand and asked the pair about what fans can expect from the retro TNA show over WrestleMania weekend.

"I don't know anything that you guys don't know at the current moment. All I know is that the show is happening. Scott D'Amore did announce it in Chicago TNA is coming back for one night maybe one night only," Ethan said while also joking that he hates Davey Richards when asked about a potential match with The American Wolves.

"I'm excited because as time goes on - the kids that grew up watching TNA that was us. We were those children. So now, being in this company and knowing the history, it's amazing that we're gonna be able to be a part of history and play in a playground that we weren't allowed to when we watched. We're gonna be able to bring that back to 2020. I'm pumped!"

"I was the kid wrestling my friends on my trampoline that ran inside on a Wednesday to order the very first show," said Josh. "That was the first time I ever saw someone like Low Ki and AJ Styles and that changed everything I thought about pro wrestling. Through them I found ROH and so many other things.
I think TNA's history as you can see on the app whenever you want is some of the best wrestling in the world. Just to be a part of Impact and to do the TNA Throwback Show, I'm honored and I'm marking out for it."

"We have that fond memory of TNA so we wanna be able to give the youth that's watching now that same experience. So, that's why we're always, always, always gonna try to have the best match of the show," stated Ethan.

Impact had some departures from its tag division in recent months and The North was asked about rebuilding the tag team division.

"My big thing was establishing tag team wrestling," stated Josh. "I think a tag team match on any show, there's no reason why it can't be the best match on a show. Just with the rules and the aspect of having someone on the apron, you can put a crowd through so many different emotions having a tag team match. So, if we don't have match of the night then that's a disservice to what we've been doing."

He added that they like to exploit tag wrestling and not everyone has valued that in the past.

"People leave, but we've stepped up and I think we've carried the torch a lot further than it was ever before," continued Josh.

"We hear that The North is a throwback to old school tag team wrestling and I don't think we're a throwback," admitted Ethan. "I just think we're doing it right and people just forget their way. That's it."

One of those tag teams who has left recently was LAX who joined AEW. Ethan discussed the departure of Santana and Ortiz and how it affects their tag team.

"It was annoying to us when we found out LAX was leaving and we heard rumbling that people thought the tag team division would fall apart. We tried to put it on our backs to make sure that didn't happen and eight months later people are finally agreeing with us that we kept the tag team division alive," said Ethan. "We're doing our best to still make Impact the best company with the best tag matches. And yeah, you can thank us for that so let's enjoy the PPV tomorrow."

The North have defeated all challengers since winning the tag titles last summer and we asked them who else they'd like to defend the titles against.

"The Rock 'n' Sock Connection would be by No. 1 choice," joked Ethan. "The Motor City Machine Guns would be by No. 2 choice and my third choice would be The Rascalz. Not The Rascalz that we beat last night I think Trey Miguel is the solo act of the three but I would prefer to have Zachary Wentz and Dez to put us to the test."

He added that they had a great match with The Rascalz in 2019 but it was against the same combo of Dez and Trey.

"We've yet to have Zach and Dez together and really put us to the test. If they were to pull them out and put another team in, that would be our choice," stated Ethan.

"I'm gonna agree with The Rascalz of Wentz and Dez because I think we've run through all of tag competition in Impact," said Josh. "That's the only duo that anyone can talk anything about that we haven't beat. So, it's just knocking another one off the list."

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