WWE NXT Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish recently spoke with The Times-Union and said while pro wrestling is pre-determined, but to call the sport fake is an insult.

"It's not ballet. We're recreating a fight," Fish said. "It can be messy and chaotic. We get hurt. Calling our sport fake is an insult. It's not fake, but it is pre-determined. Our goal is to put on a show that pleases the fans."

Fish also talked some about his role in The Undisputed Era with NXT Champion Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and tag team partner Kyle O'Reilly.

"We're undersized by wrestling standards, but we're the bad guys with a ton of attitude," Fish said. "I'm always running my mouth. I'm told my nasally upstate accent cuts through the arena noise and I can be heard over everyone."

Fish, who turns 44 years old in late October, recalled how he was almost done with pro wrestling in 2012. A friend had almost talked him into taking a job at a Target distribution center, which would have brought him a salary of $50,000 with good benefits.

"I was ready to take the Target job," Fish admitted.

Fish then received a contract from Ring of Honor, for $40,000 per year. He spent five years in ROH, then 2 more years in Japan, and he would end up with the WWE developmental system in 2017. Fish commented on having success in WWE at age 43.

"It was an unheard-of sum to me," Fish said. "It kept me in wrestling. Everything has happened late for me in my career. I never would have believed someone if they said I'd have the success I'm having now at 43."