Brock Lesnar has garnered a reputation for being a part-time Superstar over the past several years, but in recent months Lesnar has become more visible on WWE programming leading up to the Royal Rumble, and now looking towards Super Showdown and WrestleMania. Lesnar has appeared on every episode of Monday Night Raw in 2020.

One comedic segment in particular that took place recently saw a confused R-Truth confronting Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar in the build up for the Royal Rumble. The segment was very well received by fans and even showed us that The Beast Incarnate can only stay stone faced for so long as he busted a gut listening to Truth's antics.

Even though the segment ended with Lesnar F-5ing him to oblivion, Truth told With Spandex that more interactions with him and Lesnar could be coming soon.

"Brock actually has been pitching ideas," Truth said. "He wants to work with me doing something because of that segment. He pitched a couple ideas. He and I talked afterwards. The sky's the limit.

"This business is always changing, and I'm always changing with things."

R-Truth will also soon be releasing his new single "Set it Off" on February 14th. Lesnar is scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against Ricochet at WWE Super Showdown on Thursday, February 27th.