The Dark Order has been alluding to The Exalted One for weeks now and fans still don't know who exactly it is. That has kept some intrigue in regards to the Dark Order while others think the stable and its storyline has become stale.

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas keeps tabs on AEW and he was asked about the group when he joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

"So far, I'm not a huge fan of what's been going on," Korderas said of The Dark Order storyline. "That being said, I'm willing to wait and see where it goes. I wanna see who this Exalted One is and obviously they're teasing Christopher Daniels. Who knows?"

Korderas then brought up Matt Hardy dropping an AEW reference on social media last week and is intrigued by him possibly being The Exalted One.

"Let's throw it out there – if Matt Hardy ends up being The Exalted On, Matt is very creative. He can maybe put some legs on that thing," stated Korderas.

There's been rumors for weeks that Hardy is on the way out of WWE and many have him then joining AEW. His contract is up on March 1 and Korderas was asked what he sees Hardy doing.

"I could see Matt making the move [to AEW] because I could see him wanting to end his in-ring career on his terms. Let's be honest, in WWE you don't always get to end your career on your terms," admitted Korderas.

"I could see Matt wanting to go out and feel like he's really contributing. Don't get me wrong – his performance the last few weeks with Randy Orton – he has been more than contributing. But he believes he has more to offer and hopefully he can go there and have some of those guys listen to him. We talked about the tag issues so maybe he could lend his guidance and maybe they'll listen to some of his stuff."

Hardy has been on-and-off with WWE for over 25 years but he never rose above the mid-card level. Korderas was asked about Hardy's relationship with Vince McMahon and how that played into how he was booked.

"I don't wanna speak for Vince, but it almost felt to me that Vince saw more of a shining star in Jeff than he did in Matt. Maybe that's why… I don't wanna say Matt was held back but he didn't achieve as much as Jeff did. I think he saw more star power in Jeff," said Korderas.

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