Killer Kross finally got what he was looking for when Impact released him from his contract in December. Now a free agent, Kross has chosen MLW as his first destination and will debut there tonight.

He talked about why Tom Lawlor was chosen as his first opponent when Kross joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"I think this opponent was more or less chosen by the fans over social media. I know a lot of people were clamoring for me to be in MLW for a long time now. The people they were interested in seeing me in the ring with were Fatu, Lawlor and Hammerstone," revealed Kross. "So the company thought the best match currently would be Tom. I think it was a good call. They asked me and I immediately said yeah, let's do it."

Kross worked with Lawlor before at Warrior Wrestling and he talked about being in the ring with someone with Lawlor's diverse background.

"Tom Lawlor is the real deal and he doesn't have to sell you hard on that. That's for sure. With an amateur wrestling background and a professional striking background, he's a professional mixed martial artist and is an excellent professional wrestler," Kross said before noting Lawlor's recent match with Susuki.

"He hits very hard and is unusually strong for his weight from the functional training. He's very mobile and very fast. You're gonna get a wide array of things in this match, that's for sure."

Lawlor appeared in Dallas recently with the Von Erichs for MLW and he nearly started a riot by spitting on the Texas flag. Kross was asked what he thought of that scene.

"I'm indifferent. I don't inherit the energy of other people," stated Kross. "I saw what he was doing and I wasn't surprised to be honest. Tom's not a pushover. There's two types of people in life that you push they get pushed over or they push back. Tom will not only push you back, but he'll light you on fire and throw you off a building and push you back. So I wasn't surprised at all that he would so something ballsy like that."

He added that if it came to it, Tom would fight every person in the building so he cautions them to not throw things at him or touch him. Kross also admitted that he thought Tom was going to blast someone if they jumped the rail in Dallas.

The match between Kross and Lawlor will take place in Philadelphia at the old ECW Arena also known as the 2300 Arena.

"I absolutely love Philadelphia and the 2300 Arena made me a more violent wrestler," admitted Kross. "I almost beat Eddie Edwards to death the last time I was at the 2300 Arena. I know the fans remember that."

MLW is getting a rare talent in Kross and he was asked what sets him apart from everyone else.

"Myself I am completely unique and I deliberately approach things from a different perspective than anyone else," said Kross. "Everyone has different gears when they're in the ring. Nowadays modern pro wrestling falls, in my opinion, under a category of hybrid lucha libre that combines high flying, technical and Japanese. I have my own style that is a variety of those different things. But something that I have versus what somebody else might not have might be a certain presence. I wouldn't necessarily be able to summarize it as I would leave that up to the fans."

Killer Kross will make his MLW debut at Fightland tonight at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. For more information, visit

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