WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods welcomed their friend and shoot financial advisor, Anthony Shropshire to the podcast. On the so-called 'greatest podcast of all time', Big E talked about Kingston's demoralizing trash talking, 'Shrop' gave his impressions of hearing Kingston's fake Jamaican accent for the first time, and Kingston explained how he came up with the idea to wear his hair up in pigtails.

Big E, who recently revealed his favorite professional wrestlers of all time, suggested that Kingston is one of the most beloved performers in the WWE locker room, but that he questions it when playing video games against Kingston.

"The thing is we always laud Kofi as this great human being," Big E said. "Everyone does. Everyone in the locker room. One of the most beloved people in the locker room you'll ever meet in [pro] wrestling. This man is talked about as one of the greatest people ever and when you play him in a video game, you think, 'maybe I was wrong.'"

Shropshire, Kingston's longtime friend, described hearing Kingston's Jamaican accent for the first time as "outrageous".

"I remember where I was. I remember where I was. I was in California at a bachelor party many years ago and I think it was on, like, YouTube. And it was like, 'I am Kofi Nahaje Kingston [imitating Kingston's put on accent].' I'm like, 'this dude is from Ghana. This dude is like a [Boston] Red Sox fan. There is nothing Jamaican about this guy at all! And why does he have little dreads? What is happening right now?'" Shropshire continued, "it was so outrageous."

During the podcast, Kingston revealed that he dyes his hair bright colors and grew it out long because he knows he will not always have hair. The elder statesman of The New Day declared that male pattern baldness and erectile disfunction are nature's cruel joke on men.  

"People are like, 'who why did you dye your hair?' And I say, 'two words: hereditary baldness.' Okay? Because it's coming for us all. Do you know what I'm saying? You take a look around this office and you look around, look around, and you see. No, no, no, it is necessary because Mother Nature is very cruel to us as men. Erectile Dysfunction! Hold on, hereditary baldness, okay? And then, you get to be an age where your hair starts leaving you. And then, you don't have the option. You don't have the option and I'm mad that all these years that I spent with the Cesar, with the short hair, because one day, you aren't going to have the option and you have to have short hair." Kingston added, "it's Mother Nature! She's cruel to us!"

Kingston said that he does not want to be like some WWE Superstars who try to cover up their bald spots. The former WWE Champion was not going to name names, but Big E interjected, singling out former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Zack Ryder.

"You see people sprinkling dust in their hair, okay?" Kingston began. "You're sprinkling dust on your bald spot and you don't want to let it go. You want to hold onto it. For me, I wasn't going to name names! I wasn't going to name names! I wasn't going to name names! I don't want to get into that fight. When it's time to go, it's time to go. I'm not wearing - what do you call it - the horseshoe. The horseshoe? No, I'm letting it go. When my stuff starting going, it's gone."

Apparently, Kingston started putting his hair up in pigtails because he thought it was an obnoxious thing to do as a heel.  

"This actually kind of started off as a joke because we used to be overseas and we were just becoming heels, bad dudes," Kingston recalled. "And everybody's like, 'Kofi's never going to be a bad guy. No one's ever going to boo him,' and I was like, 'man, what would be really obnoxious as a man to do?' 'I'm going to come out in pigtails.' We were in Europe and I just put my hair in pigtails. And everybody was like, 'oh!' And then, it became a thing now. We've got action figures with pigtails on them. Do you know what I'm saying? So one day, I'm not going to be able to have pigtails, okay?"

Listen to the show here or via the embedded player below. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit The New Day: Feel The Power with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.