ROH World Champion PCO and WWE RAW Superstar Matt Hardy had a Twitter exchange this week that led to a challenge being issued.

The exchange started when a fan asked Hardy about PCO's big comeback in the pro wrestling business. Matt responded and said he has great respect for what the former WWE Tag Team Champion has done in reviving his career.

"I have great respect for what PCO has done the last couple of years. The creative, out of the box content he's produced to forge his current persona is admirable. After being a performer in this biz for so long, PCO's resilience & longevity deserves props," Matt wrote.

PCO responded and offered a match, noting that it will "pop the entire world."

He wrote back, "Thanks to @MATTHARDYBRAND who broke through the darkness of creativity and enlightenment creating so much positivity to our industry, Say the word ! PCO the @ringofhonor World Champion with his Creator D.Destro VS Matt Hardy The Match that will POP the entire WORLD [fire emoji]"

Matt responded with a GIF and said the offer sounds "positively DELIGHTFUL!"

He wrote, "Thank you, @PCOisNotHuman. That proposition sounds positively... ['DELIGHTFUL!' GIF]"

PCO responded to that tweet and seems to believe that he and Matt can draw "stupid money" for ROH.

"I remember not too long ago when i was interviewed by @bullyray5150 ,@davidlagreca1 on @BustedOpenRadio & they asked me:who?who? PCO could draw stupid money with ,etc for the @ringofhonor World title & i said ,i don't know but it will happen organically #delete #pcoMONSTERmania," he wrote.

Matt's WWE contract reportedly expires on March 1st. He will return to RAW this coming Monday to face Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred match.

You can see the full exchange between Matt and PCO below: