On the latest episode of "Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report", Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri and Ryback talked about Vickie Guerrero's recent comments about having heat with WWE due to her appearance on AEW Dark. Superstar Billy Graham recently came to the defense of Guerrero criticizing Vince McMahon. Ryback talked about how WWE wrestlers, despite being independent contractors, need to get approval from talent relations before appearing on any podcast or public appearance.

"Not surprising," Ryback said. "There's some WWE guys, and I'm friends with some of them, that I can get on [this show].

"Even guys that I'm friends with, I know they have to go the office to get approval to do [things]. That's what I remember when I was there. They added that in which is crazy for independent contractors. They're not allowed to make decisions on their own. WWE says you're not allowed to do any interviews unless it's approved by us, so that's really odd to do that to independent contractors.

"That's what they do, so if Dolph [Ziggler] came on my podcast and we didn't even talk about wrestling just talking comedy for an hour, there would be repercussions on his end. They'd probably fine him to some degree or guys would get punished because everything has to go through talent relations now."

Ryback questioned WWE's behavior towards Guerrero who is not employed by WWE. He also spoke on the lack of surprise over the news.

"With Vickie, my thing is she's not even working for WWE. Why? It's pro wrestling. It's all intertwined," Ryback said. "Everybody knows everybody anyways. I'm not happy about that. I don't like hearing that. It makes it tougher. I would love to talk to guys that I've wrestled with and could share stories with. It's just the way that it is. It's what they do. It shouldn't come to a surprise to anybody."

AEW and WWE's Wednesday Night War has been a hot topic in the wrestling world. Ryback talked about the measures WWE has taken to combat AEW, and he said that AEW has what it takes to someday overtake WWE.

"No doubt. This is serious, I'm sure, to them. They've already had to spend more money than AEW coming around on talent which shows how much they were getting away with before. They should be concerned. It's not gonna happen right away. It's gonna take time. AEW has everything to overtake WWE over time."

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