Vickie Guerrero apparently has some heat with WWE officials due to her recent gig with AEW.

As noted back in December, Vickie worked the pre-Dynamite AEW Dark tapings in Garland, Texas, calling the action as a guest commentator with Excalibur and Joey Janela. The episode, seen above, aired the following Tuesday night on AEW's YouTube channel.

Vickie revealed on her "Excuse Me!" podcast with guest David Benoit that WWE cut communication with her when they found about the AEW gig. Vickie had previously asked WWE if she could interview some of their Superstars for her show, and everything seemed to be working out until they found out about the Dark episode.

Vickie also said WWE officials refuse to talk to her and are no longer replying to her e-mails.

"I have the podcast now and I had asked to interview some Superstars for my podcast, and they found out I went to AEW and now they don't even talk to me," Vickie said. (H/T to Cultaholic) "Between me and you (David Benoit), they didn't call me for two years, I haven't heard from them, what did they expect me to do? Just to sit here and wait for them to call so I could do some work?

"I love wrestling. I love to work in the ring. And if someone is giving me an opportunity to go and show up and have some fun, then I should be able to because I'm not obligated to anybody. I saw that I pissed in their Cheerios, so be it."

There's no word on if AEW has interest in using Vickie in the future, but she lives in the Garland area and that's likely why she was used that night for the Dark tapings. It also remains to be seen if WWE will bring her back in the future. Vickie left WWE in 2014 and made a few appearances in 2016. She was a surprise entrant in the 2018 Women's Royal Rumble Match, and later made a special appearance at the SmackDown 1000 special in October 2018.

Stay tuned for updates.