Yesterday afternoon, the XFL returned with a bang! The Seattle Dragons and DC Defenders opened relaunch to rave reviews. The Los Angeles Wildcats and Houston Roughnecks followed suit. Now, it is New York's team that must start off a new day.

The New York Guardians will host the Tampa Bay Vipers today, February 9 inside MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Hosted by FOX, the game starts at 2 p.m. ET. Wrestling Inc.'s Dan Yanofsky will be providing LIVE updates on the game and all the news you can handle from inside MetLife Stadium. Stay tuned!

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Inactive players for the Guardians:

* CB Dejuan Neal
* LB Nick DeLuca
*WR Justice Liggins
* RB Matt Colburn
* TE Keenen Brown
* DE Jarrell Owens

Inactive players for the Vipers:

* QB Chase Litton
* TE DeAndre Goolsby
* WR Ryan Davis
* T/G Na'Ty Rodgers
* DL Jason Neill
* CB Rannell Hall

New kickoff rules on display, as the Guardians were able to run the ball up to about the 45 to start the game.

Guardians QB Matt McGloin has been driving it down the field since the opening kick. Guardians look to get things going as they are at the Vipers' 24. McGloin was able to throw to WR Joe Horn to be 1st and 6 near the endzone. Pass interference by the defense forced the ball to be placed on the one-yard line. Matt McGloin ended up running the ball in himself for the touchdown. New York elected to go for one point at the two-yard line. RB Tim Cook ran it in for the extra point.

TB: 0 | NY: 7 with 9:52 left in the first quarter

Kickoff by the Guardians and the Vipers return the ball up to the 35-yard line.

Vipers fumble the football but they recover thanks to a Jerald Foster pickup. QB Aaron Murray throws to WR Daniel Williams, going from about the 40 to the25 of the Guardians' side. Guardians' defense continues to shine as they deny Vipers chances to move up. On 3rd and 12, Tampa Bay took a timeout. Murray throws down the field for first and goal. Ball is intercepted in the endzone by the Guardians for a touchback.

McGloin looks to drive the ball down the field again with about three minutes left in the first quarter. Guardians were unable to get a first down, forcing the ball over to the Vipers. Vipers RB De'Veon Smith running the ball down the field, the first sign of life for Tampa Bay. Guardians appeared to get the fumble following a solid tackle. After further review, however, the receiver did not complete the process of the catch, marketing it incomplete. On fourth and 15, the quarter comes to an end.

End of the first quarter: TB: 0 | NY: 7

After a punt by the Vipers, Guardians now have the ball to start the second quarter. McGloin's attempt to throw to Mekale Mckay failed. 45-yard pass to Mekale worked this time, putting the Guardians at the 10 of the Vipers. Blitz coming and McGloin throws it to Colby Pearson for the touchdown! Going for one point, Tim Cook runs it in for the extra point, flipping over the defense of the Vipers.

TB: 0 | NY: 14 with 13:29 left in the second

Vipers make it to the 32 of the Guardians as the defense of the latter looks to stop them. Field goal attempt by Vipers kicker Andrew Franks is no good!

Punt by the Guardians at the 12 with 9:25 left in the second quarter following an unsuccessful drive.

At the Vipers' 13, Guardians stop Murray with a sack. On third and short, a shot to Daniel Williams results in a first down. Murray throws to Reece Horn for another first down. Murray looks to get some momentum on 3rd and 10, but Isaiah Williams drops the ball, even with no coverage on him. Another punt and the Guardians end upon the 15-yard line with a lot of space to cover. Timeout for New York with 4:37 left in the second.

On second and five McGloin throws to McKay for a first down. Penalties fly with 2:38 in the second (on second down) as two fouls are called on the Vipers' defense: offsides and a personal foul on #97 Ricky Walker, disqualifying him. McGloin gets it to Jake Powell for a gain of six. Two-minute warning as the Guardians are on the 50. With the Guardians not getting much done on offense, a rarity, the Vipers grab the ball. On the 15, Murray throws a ball that is a one-handed, 27-yard catch by Nick Truesdell. Murray gets sacked by Ryan Mueller, but a penalty by the defense (too many men on the field) forces a five-yard gain. Reece Horn with a solid catch and gets the luck of a penalty by the defense. First and ten on the 27 and the Vipers are marching down the field. Murray intercepted by Bryce Jones for another turnover!

With 31 seconds left, McGloin throws it wide open to Colby Pearson for 32 yards. Guardians are going for the FG with five seconds left. The kick is good as the second quarter comes to an end.

TB: 0 | NY: 17 at the end of the first half

The second half is underway!

Safety blitz highlights the opening drives. On third down for the Vipers, the ball is stripped but Tampa Bay recovers. Bunmi Rotimi with the strip-sack. McGloin and the Guardians' offense entered the game following a kick. McGloin almost lost the ball as the Vipers defense came to play in the second half.

With 8:42 left in the third, Murray throws it to Williams for a small gain. Vipers slowly moving up the field as they make it past the 50. De'Veon Smith continues to rush the ball down the field. RB and active QB Quinton Flowers helping the cause of the Vipers by moving up. First and goal, as Flowers is looking to change things up. Jacques Patrick was meant to get the ball but was immediately dropped. On second and goal the ball is knocked away by the Guardians. Another ball is knocked away D'Juan Hines. Vipers kick the ball on fourth and five, and it is good!

TB: 3 | NY: 17 with one minute left in the third

On the Guardians' 33-yard line, Darius Victor runs the ball. He has 32-yards carried as of this moment. The third quarter ends as the Guardians are still on third down.

End of the third quarter: TB: 3 | NY: 17

Darius Victor runs it down for the first down to start the fourth. Pearson the intended receiver blocked, but a pass interference by Micah Hannemann forces the first down. McGloin continues to throw bombs down the field, but there have been two wasted opportunities this drive. With 12:09 to play, the Vipers get the ball. However, the Guardians get the ball following another fumble and Jamar Summers runs it in for the touchdown! Guardians go for a one-point try, and a run is just short.

TB: 3 | NY: 23 with 11:54 to go in the fourth quarter

Announced attendance is 17,634.

Vipers CB Shelton Lewis is out of the game with a hand injury.

Murray gets the ball back on the 29-yard line. A back-shoulder catch by Williams gets the first down for the Vipers on the 19-yard line for a 40-yard catch. A QB-draw by Murray gets the Vipers to first and nine. Murray is sacked on 3rd and five with about seven minutes left in the game. Vipers miss the fourth down attempt and now the Guardians take control.

With five minutes remaining, a false start by Anthony Coyle forces the Guardians to move the ball back on third and sixth. On fourth and seven the Guardians kick the ball.

At the 43, the Vipers managed to get a first down on third down thanks to Quinton Flowers.

Vipers C Jordan McCray came out of the game due to a leg injury.

Two-minute warning time.

Flowers throws it to Williams to the two-yard line for 37 yards. Vipers continue to try and hit the endzone as the play clock stops which each play. Huge tackle by Wes Sutton takes Flowers down at the two. On fourth down, Flowers gets sacked once again with 1:01 left in the game.

Guardians look to run out the clock with less than a minute left. The team celebrates as the game ends.

FINAL: TB: 3 | NY: 23