Roughly this time one year ago, Aleister Black was called up to the main roster and made his WrestleMania debut at last year's event. Black and partner Ricochet came up short in a Fatal 4-Way tag match for the SmackDown tag team titles as The Usos retained the belts.

Black was asked if he was able to take in that experience and enjoy it on Busted Open Radio.

"That whole timeframe from the second I got called up to WrestleMania, basically that February to April, those whole two months were a trip," revealed Black. "There have been a few moments in my career where I felt that my brain was so wired and so primed to be ready. I felt that when I was in Japan and would step out of the airplane and feel like I am in the zone. I lived it, and I always live it, but there are moments in your career that define you as a performer, as an entertainer, as a wrestler whatever you want to call it and that whole two months, I felt so incredibly primed.

"I and Ricochet wrestled for WWE SmackDown Tag-Titles and the NXT Tag-Team titles all in the same week and then we had WrestleMania. Leading up to that we were competing every Monday, and every Tuesday, then we had NXT Live Events and NXT Television. So, by the time WrestleMania came I remember standing on that ramp. Before the show I was nervous, but by the time the arena was filled and the show was going on I remember putting on my device as we shall call it and I felt so calm because after 16 years of being in this business and doing what I have done and being where I have been and if I am still not ready then I do not deserve to be here. So that thought came to me and so I told myself, no, I am ready. I was so calm and I thought, okay, let's get to work."

Black won the NXT Championship and has proven himself as a main roster Superstar over the past year. He was asked if he's proud of what he's accomplished thus far in WWE.

"I mean, proud of myself, I always say that everything that I do is a work in progress. I try not to stop too long and look at the things that I am doing or have done because I feel like there is still a lot more work that I have to do," said Black. "I look at sports entertainment/professional wrestling, whichever you want to call it, I look at it as never done. You're never done learning or getting better or listening, and never done honing your skill. Even when you come towards the end of your career, I mean professional wrestling covers such a vast ball of knowledge it is impossible to obtain everything.

"So, am I proud? Yes, but I tend not to stop too long because I always feel that the quest to become better and do more thing it has been there since day one. That has never changed, which is how I feel that I have been able to progress the way that I have."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.