As reported throughout the week, WrestleMania 36 in Tampa on April 5 is still up in the air as neither WWE nor Tampa officials have called off the big show.

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, numerous shows have been either cancelled, delayed, or being put on without a live audience. Tampa officials have said they will "pull the plug" on 'Mania, if WWE doesn't do so first.

One of the big matches for the event is John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. The two met face-to-face on Friday's SmackDown where Cena said Wyatt was the most "over-hyped, over-valued and over-privileged" WWE Superstar ever. You can see their segment in the video below

Yesterday, Wyatt informed Cena if WrestleMania is delayed, he still wants a fight.

"If WrestleMania gets delayed, The FIEND hereby challenges John Cena to a Bar Fight Deathmatch™. This will take place at Hooters. Not kidding."

Cena has yet to directly respond to Wyatt's challenge, but did post a photo of Wyatt on his Instagram yesterday afternoon (before Wyatt's tweet).