Ember Moon updated fans today on when she will start streaming exclusively on Twitch. She will be starting on Monday afternoon. Fans can follow her by clicking here.

Moon wrote on Twitter, "Tomorrow is the day!!!!!! I am streaming exclusively on twitch tomorrow afternoon!!!! Go give me a follow so you'll be notified when I go live!!! https://Twitch.tv/Halfdragonem Big explosive thank you to @gameofkittens for the box to open!!! And get your questions ready!!!"

Ember Moon also shared an update about how her recovery from her Achilles injury is doing. The injury happened last September, while she was chasing for the WWE 24/7 Title, back when the title was held by Carmella. The current 24/7 Champion is Riddick Moss.

She wrote, "Getting in that sad at home Achilles Recovery workout. Therapy center is closed but that doesn't mean I cant rehab!!! This is my first at-home workout of many it would seem. Would you ever want me to live stream workouts on my new twitch channel? https://Twitch.tv/halfdragonem"