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- As noted, NJPW cancelled events through March 21 and have provided fans full details on how to get ticket refunds.

Thank you for your support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

As announced this week, acting under further recommendation from the Japanese Ministry of Health regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) NJPW has come to the decision to cancel all events for the remainder of the New Japan Cup tour.

These five cancellations between March 16 and 21 come in addition to cancellations between Sunday March 1 and Sunday March 15 to bring the total number of cancelled events to 16.

All ticket holders will be refunded.

- The Dark Order's Evil Uno gave his thoughts in a series of tweets on the sweep of cancellations and changes in the wrestling world due to the coronavirus.

"In the wake of all these cancellations...Support the independents. Be it wrestling, music, etc. Buy their merch, support them through Patreon, share their stuff. The gig economy is going to take a HUGE hit and many don't have the safety net necessary to survive this. Oh, and stay home & self quarantine if you're sick. No show, booking or push is worth getting others sick. You don't want to face the guilt of giving COVID-19 to someone who doesn't have the immune system necessary to beat it. Evil Uno cares about your well being."