In the entertainment industry, it can be tough trying to make a relationship work. On Chasing Glory, Renee Young spoke about when she first opened up about her relationship with Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), and the sound advice she received from Cody Rhodes about being there for one another when times get tough, especially within their careers.

"I remember talking to Cody Rhodes when Jon and I first started dating, and he was like 'Aw, that's cool that you guys are together, but it'll be interesting to see how you'll react when things aren't going so well for one of you.' Things at the time were going great for me and Jon," Young said. "It always stuck in my head like 'Oh, what does he mean by that? Like, what does happen if something is not going well, or we have a bit of a struggle?' Obviously now, we've been together for six years and married for three of them. Obviously, we've gone through those bumps where things haven't been so great. But, I couldn't be happier that he's the person that's beside me when I'm losing my mind, and not knowing what's next."

After Moxley's WWE departure back in April of last year, Young mentioned that she hasn't been bombarded by anyone specifically, the WWE higher-ups, about how he's doing now. The only people who do ask Young about Moxley are those that were close to him before he left the WWE. Additionally, she states that her job was not affected at all after he decided to move on towards AEW.

"At that time, I'm doing commentary, and I'm sitting in production meetings, and the newsbreaks are going on about him signing with AEW, and I was bracing for that impact like what is going to happen?" Young stated. "Nothing changed for me. Nobody treated me differently. Other than the boys who wanted to know how he was doing, no one pulled me aside and asked 'Oh my God, what is Jon doing? We've got to keep this separated.' That conversation never happened."

Now that Moxley has moved on, he has now become the two-time IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, after beating Chris Jericho this past Saturday at AEW Revolution. Though Young's interview was conducted before his most recent title win, she went on record by saying that she supported her husband's decision to leave and head over to AEW and NJPW, so he could reestablish the love he has for this business.

"Our work is separate," Young noted. "Even though we work in the same industry and do the same things, we're just a regular couple that happened to work in wrestling. So, he wants to go off and do something else, I'm not going to be like 'Oh my God, you're not on the road with me,' No, you busted your a-- since you were a kid to achieve this gigantic dream. Don't sit around and meet me in catering after the show. F' that. You go do the thing you need to do. Go knock on those doors, go to Japan.

"When he came to me and said he wanted to leave (the WWE), I said sure. When you know, you know. When you want to go do something else, you have to go do it. You've got to go scratch that itch. You can't sit around and wonder the what if's or missed opportunities. Time goes by too quickly to sit around and hem and haw over stuff. It really wasn't a big issue to me."

You can view Young's full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Chasing Glory- Lilian Garcia with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.