Matt Hardy has been off WWE TV after suffering from an attack at the hands of Randy Orton. His contract is set to expire tonight at midnight.

Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri spoke with Ryback on his podcast, "Conversations with The Big Guy", to talk about the Hardy's booking as he makes his way out of WWE. Ryback has previously talked about Hardy's booking before, but this time he shows his praise towards the Hardy storyline with Orton surrounding Orton's attack on Edge. He compares Hardy to South Park character Kenny.

"I love the Matt Hardy-Randy Orton stuff. I love Matt Hardy just being the Kenny from South Park on his way out," Ryback said. "The angle with Randy, Matt keeps showing back up after getting f--ked up. He's on the way out, and he's with Randy who is a top top guy. I would be a fan of one more week with Matt Hardy. Let Orton get some real heat on this.

"It's working. I really think it's working, and Matt is a doing a phenomenal job with this. I love it because for me, it's not just the senseless jobbing the guy out where there is no payoff. It is helping an angle go over on your way out. I'd rather see that than Matt Hardy being on TV with no entrance putting a guy over in two minutes who they're not gonna do anything with. That means nothing. It is fueling an angle. I love it."

Orton is expected to face Edge at WrestleMania 36.

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