On the latest episode of After The Bell with Corey Graves, Big Show came on and talked about the improvement of the WWE women's division. He gave high praise to the division for being the best division to watch the best stories being told in the ring. He also gave high praise to Becky Lynch which he as done before.

"Becky Lynch has inspired me a lot in the past 10 years [more] than any other athlete that I've worked with. I saw her when she first started working tours in Europe on the road. I saw Becky [and] the women's division, I think they were still calling it the Divas division back then. But the one thing about every Becky match, I thought she was just hustling as hard because we're in Ireland, she was trying to beat her opponent, and every cover was translating desperation. 'I'm trying to beat this person. This is a contest. This is a story. I'm giving everything I have.' Wasn't a spot-fest. It was a story that you get emotionally involved in. You pay attention to it," Big Show said. "And I remember thinking right there, if the guys don't change how they work, these girls are gonna run over them. It's evident now. It's evident how the women's division has completely changed and is respected. If you want to see quality wrestling stories and wrestling psychology, you kind of go to the women's division if you're a wrestling purist because you're gonna get better stories."

Big Show made clear that he was not taking shots at any of the wrestlers in the men's division. When Graves asked what needs to be changed, Big Show used former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal as an example. He talked about how Mahal changed himself from a member of 3MB to world champion. Mahal has talked about his evolution in the past.

"No offense to the other guys. I have a lot of respect for the guys I've worked with, a lot of the guys there now, but I think the guys need to, I don't know, shake it off, wipe off some of the slack [or] do something to remember why they're thing and why they're doing it.

"What I think changes that is work ethic and working smart and working to get invested in your character and get invested in storylines. If nothing is being created for you, you can still create a pretty good story with an opponent," Big Show said. "I did it with Jinder Mahal. Whether people liked Jinder has champion or not, Jinder Mahal completely 180 degree turned his work from 3MB to when he became a champion. I had a match with Jinder Mahal a couple of months before that, and I remember saying, 'wow, Jinder has really changed how he works. He's really stepped up.' And you can feel it in his work and his aggression and his attitude. He was able to manifest that into a pretty good run out of nowhere when no one expected it."

Big Show also talked about Kofi Kingston's rise from long-time WWE superstar to his world championship victory at WrestleMania 35. He praised Kingston's consistency in WWE and uses that as a model other wrestlers should take.

"We're used to seeing the same players in the same positions. They flip-flop here and there. When you get someone like Jinder Mahal who comes in out of the blue, that's a good thing because that shows it is possible for the rest of the roster, and that should have been a glaring light bulb for the rest of the guys in the locker room. Same thing for Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston for years was consistent. Kofi Kingston couldn't have a bad match with anyone. Kofi Kingston could have a good match with me. How about that? Kofi showed the entire roster if you work hard, if you stay committed, if you get people emotionally invested in you, opportunities will come."

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