Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Peter Avalon shows up to Brandon Cutler's home, initially being happy with what Cutler's house looks like. Once Cutler answers the door, Avalon goes into his mean "you're a loser" shtick. The two bicker a bit, but Avalon then says they both have a losing streak, so maybe they should team up and try to pick up a win together. Cutler says he's interested and Avalon responds he has a match right now.

* Cutler and Avalon take on Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a match at the BTE Compound. Kazarian and Daniels are able to pin both Cutler and Avalon at the same time after about a seven minute match. Avalon and Cutler ask who lost the match, ref says they both lost and are losers.

(Note: In the descriptions for this week's show, BTE wrote: "We at BTE are fully aware of the gravity of the current situation. At this point in time we are obeying all stay at home orders and following all necessary precautions. At the time of this taping, we followed all guidelines that were in effect at the time, most importantly the limit on gatherings larger than 10 people. Rest assured that all participants of this taping were examined prior to filming and perceived to be healthy enough to participate. As important as we believe entertainment be in this difficult time, we would never risk our health or the health of our family to pursue it. Please enjoy this episode in the safety of your homes, and continue to follow all current health guidelines.")

* Luchasaurus walks around some empty streets, eventually making his way to Taya Valkyrie's place. Yelling through her door window, she asks him what he wants. Luchasaurus says he wants to see "him." Luchasaurus says he's also looking for his tail and he just needs his friends. Taya mocks him and says he needs them now, what happened to his elite friends, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt? He ends up walking away.

* Matt Jackson is getting ready for a match like he's in his own locker room with signs that say "Matt Jackson - Please Knock" above him. Christoper Daniels has to actually knock, despite there not being a door, and asks where the cleaner is for the ring. Matt tells him, then mentions to stay six feet away from him.

* Scorpio Sky gets pulled over by Trevor and Arthur who act like they're cops. They say the only good thing about him is his partners Kazarian and Daniels. They tell Sky if he looks into his wallet, maybe he could find something to move this process along, like some cash. Sky is not about giving bribes and that he's a law abiding citizen. He tells the two guys to bounce before he calls his Uncle was in the LAPD for 35 years.

* At the Dynamite tapings, Kenny Omega goes to give one last update about his hand injury. Omega notes how Dynamite is being taped in a secret location that only a few select people know about. Colt Cabana walks through the tunnel, checking out the set. Omega then turns around and sees him. Colt asks if he's filming. Omega then chases after him. They out the other tunnel, and are now wearing each other shirts. They do it again and Colt is now chasing Omega.

* Matt tells Nick he has to get back into ring shape, so how about a match? The Young Bucks head to the BTE Compound for a match against Team High Risk (Simon Lotto and Steven Andrews). After about a six minute match, Young Bucks pick up the victory via pinfall. After the match, Matt thought they could have won a bit quicker, but it was good Nick was back out there. Nick says he's not feeling one-hundred percent, but he's getting there. Nick then says he'll know he's fully healed if he did a certain thing in the ring. Matt realizes what he's talking about and said someone would die, and doesn't want Nick doing it.

* In the gym, Kazarian talks with Lotto and Andrews after their loss to the Young Bucks. Kazarian appreciates their heart, but notices they didn't rack the weights they just used. Argument ensues and a "Squash Match" is booked for next week's BTE between Team High Risk and SCU.