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Taz opens the show by telling Excalibur that he will not be revealing any details regarding his relationship with new AEW superstar Brian Cage, and instead will be focusing on all the action set-up for tonight's episode.

Dasha Gonzalez is in the ring to introduce our first bout, which is a tag match. John Silver and Alex Reynolds of the Dark Order are out first. They'll be facing the Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) accompanied by Brandi Rhodes.

Dark Order versus Natural Nightmares

Marshall and Reynolds begin. Reynolds with a wristlock but Marshall quickly counters. Rhodes tags in...double Russian leg-sweep from the Nightmares. Reynolds bounces up and hits Rhodes with a knee to the gut...Rhodes shakes it off and sends him flying with an arm-drag. Another quick tag...tandem offense by Marshall and Rhodes ending in a standing senton. Camera cuts to the crowd where Allie is eating an apple, which catches Marshall's attention. This pumps Marshall up...he runs through Reynolds and starts walking towards Allie until Brandi tells him to focus on the match. Silver takes advantage and nails Marshall on the outside giving the Dark Order the advantage. Back in the ring Silver decapitates Marshall with a running uppercut. Cover...not even close. Reynolds back in...snapmare and strikes keep Marshall down. Dark Order nail Marshall with a pop-up duo uppercut for a nearfall. Silver talks some trash...this gives Marshall an opening...overhead suplex sends Silver flying.

Rhodes tags in. He comes in hot nailing two lariats and his signature drop down punch. Rhodes snap powerslams Silver before rocking Reynolds with a running bulldog. Marshall blindly tags back in...Canadian destroyer from Rhodes, followed by a cutter from Marshall. That'll do it.

Natural Nightmares win by pinfall

Allie blows Marshall a kiss then walks away looking pleased. Commentary tells us that DDP passed down the cutter for Marshall to use.

We go right into our next match. Michael Nakazawa is out first. He faces Brandon Cutler. Commentary wonders if Cutler will pick up his first victory since joining AEW.

Michael Nakazawa versus Brandon Cutler

Tie-up. Cutler grabs a headlock, then shifts to a waistlock. Nakazawa goes for his body oil but referee Bryce Remsburg takes it away. Nakazawa with a quick pin attempt...two count. A cradle...another two. Cutler blocks an O'connor roll, then hits a springboard forearm for a nearfall of his own. Russian leg-sweep by Cutler. He shoots off the bottom rope with an elbow drop keeping Nakazawa down. Back and forth striking....Nakazawa bounces off the ropes and surprises Cutler with a spear. Cutler shakes it off and connects with an enziguri from the apron. Vertical suplex from Cutler. He goes for another pin...only two. Cutler traps Nakazawa in the corner but Nakazawa turns the tables and drives his shoulder into Cutler's gut. Running corner elbow by Nakazawa. Cutler is busted open. He retakes control and lands a middle-rope swanton. He picks Nakazawa up and dumps him over the top from a torture rack position. Cutler powerslams Nakazawa on the entrance ramp and follows up with a springboard elbow onto the back of Nakazawa's neck. He moves him to the arena floor...referee is counting...Nakazawa pushes him into the guardrail and slides back in...Nakazawa wins!

Michael Nakazawa wins by countout

The Librarian Peter Avalon comes out to rub the loss in Cutler's face. He calls Cutler the worst wrestler in AEW for being 0-13. Cutler tells Avalon that he's afraid of losing just as much as he is. Avalon says he plans on getting his first victory...right now! Cutler walks over and joins Taz and Excalbur on commentary for the match. Avalon faces Jurassic Express member Jungle Boy.

Peter Avalon versus Jungle Boy

Nice sequence of chain wrestling to start...Jungle Boy rocks Avalon with a headbutt. He keeps pressure on the wrist but Avalon hits a big right hand. Jungle Boy with a headlock takedown...he comes off the ropes with a frankensteiner, then climbs the rope for an assisted arm-drag. Dropkick by Jungle Boy sends Avalon to the outside...Jungle Boy sets up for a suicide dive...Avalon moves before the move is attempted. Avalon walks right into Luchasaurus and drops to the ground. A distraction from Leva Bates gives Avalon an opening to push Jungle Boy into the ring post. Back in the ring Avalon keeps the pressure on with a vertical suplex. Jungle Boy attempts a comeback but runs into a leg lariat. Powerslam form Avalon. He climbs for a moonsault...Jungle Boy moves and Avalon crashes into the mat. Jungle Boy lands a flurry of offense ending with a stiff lariat. He nearly wins with a step-through tornado DDT. Avalon counters a maneuver and drops Jungle Boy with knees to the back of the head. Leva Bates tries to get involved again...the distraction causes Jungle Boy to lock in the SGS. Avalon taps.

Jungle Boy wins by submission

Jurassic Express celebrates with Jungle Boy. Cutler on commentary is pleased that Avalon once again came up short.

Right into our next match. Serpentico is out first. He battles SCU leader Christopher Daniels. Taz says he's never liked Daniels personally, but respects his work.

Christopher Daniels versus Serpentico

Serpentico gains the early advantage with a double-wristlock. Daniels manages to escape and reverse the pressure. Highly athletic escape and counter from Serpentico leading to a headlock...Daniels slows Serpentico down with an arm-drag...pace picks up...another arm-drag from Daniels, this time using his knee to add more pressure. Serpentico lands a jumping knee strike, then comes off the ropes but Daniels surprises him with a leg lariat. Daniels picks Serpentico up...back body drop and exploder suplex in succession. He sets up for the Fallen Angel...Serpentico drives him into the corner and whips him down by his head. Serpentico on the apron...he dives over and hits a double-stomp for a nearfall. Daniels comes right back with an STO and a series of jabs. Standing uranagi from Daniels...he climbs...Best Moonsault Ever...that'll do it.

Christopher Daniels wins by pinfall

Tag team action is next. John Skyler is out first (his AEW debut), followed by his partner Brady Pierce (also an AEW debut). They'll be taking on the duo of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela.

John Skyler/Brady Pierce versus Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela

Kiss and Pierce begin. Tie-up. Pierce drives Kiss into the corner...Kiss ducks a punch and lands a haymaker of his own. Spinning gut kick and running split-legged boot from Kiss. Janela tags in. He goes to Pierce's wrist but Pierce drives a knee into his gut. Janela shakes it off and connects with a running elbow, then follows up with a elbow drop. Skyler knees Janela in the back but he nails him off the apron. Kiss blindly tags in...Janela hits a running lariat and Kiss is right behind with a scissor kick to Pierce's gut. Janela tries to pin Pierce but Skyler blindly tagged in and rocks Janela with a spear. Skyler and Pierce show off some tandem offense. Pierce misses a mid-rope moonsault...both men are down and looking for a tag...Kiss comes in hot and runs through Skyler. Pierce charges Kiss but gets dumped to the outside...Kiss opens up the ropes and Janela takes out Pierce with a suicide dive. Back in the ring...Janela connects with the top rope elbow for the victory.

Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela win by pinfall

Our next match is another tag. Tony Donati and Faboo Andre teaming up to face Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc.

Tony Donati/Faboo Andre versus Kib Sabian/Jimmy Havoc

Havoc attacks Andre and Donati before the bell rings. Andre is named the legal man and Havoc batters him in the corner. Sabian tags in...he and Havoc are chatting giving Andre an opportunity to hit a dropkick. Sabian falls right into Havoc who jumps in and retakes control for his team. Andre with a frankensteiner out of nowhere. Middle-rope crossbody from Andre...he charges Havoc but Havoc evades and nails a huge forearm. Sabian lariats Andre from the apron, then tags in and stomps Andre down in the corner. Quick tags by Havoc and Sabian...Havoc bites Andre right in front of the referee. As the ref berates Havoc Penelope Ford attacks Andre at ringside. Double-team from Havoc and Sabian, including a field-goal kick. Donati has yet to tag in. Andre finally brings in Donati...he comes in and lights up Sabian with right hands, then hammerlocks Sabian's arm for a suplex. Donati tries to tag in Andre but he's too hurt...Havoc hits a running DVD. Sabian with a double-foot stomp, which sets up a dropkick/michinoku driver for the win.

Kib Sabian/Jimmy Havoc win by pinfall

Grim is out next for a singles matchup against Wardlow. This is also his AEW debut. Wardlow is accompanied by MJF.

Grim versus Wardlow

Wardlow picks Grim up and slams him hard into the mat. Grim throws a punch from the ground but Wardlow nails an uppercut that sends him into the turnbuckles. Clubbing blows by Wardlow have Grim disorientated. Wardlow charges...Grim moves and connects with a series of running attacks. Grim goes for a springboard maneuver...Wardlow has it scouted and sends Grim flying with a German suplex. MJF tells Wardlow to end it. He goes for the F-10...Grim escapes and gets to the corner but Wardlow knocks him out with a knee. Referee calls for a stoppage.

Wardlow wins by knockout

Post match Wardlow continues his assault on Grim. He leaves the big man unconscious with the F-10.

Our next match is a singles contest between Lee Johnson and Colt Cabana. Excalibur commends Lee for being a young upstart for AEW. Taz says he has yet to win a match and remains unimpressed.

Lee Johnson versus Colt Cabana

Both men shake hands at the bell. Cabana works the arm to start. He whips Johnson to the ground. Johnson pops up and snatches a waistlock...Cabana uses his ring IQ to almost steal the win at the top with an impressive pin attempt but Johnson sneaks a shoulder out. Snapmare into a crucifix...Johnson is all out of sorts as Cabana continues to roll him up constantly. Chop by Johnson...another. Cabana doesn't look happy. He fires one back that echoes through Daily Plaza. Johnson answers with a standing dropkick...he goes for a flying corner attack but Cabana moves and Cabana hits the million dollar elbow. Billy Goat's Curse and Johnson taps.

Colt Cabana wins by submission

Kilynn King is out next, yet another star making their AEW debut. Penelope Ford is second accompanied by Kip Sabian.

Kilynn King versus Penelope Ford

Ford hands her engagement ring to Sabian. King and Ford tie-up. Hammerlock from King, she switches immediately into a side-headlock. Ford takes her time and reverses the pressure but King reverses right back. Ford lands an elbow to create space...King is ready and runs through Ford with a shoulder tackle. Delayed vertical suplex from King...she comes off the ropes when Sabian picks her ankle. This gives Ford an opening to rip King into the ropes throat first. Stomps in the corner from Ford. She chokes King on the ropes while kissing Sabian. Ford hits a suplex of her own for a one-count. King builds up steam and connects with a missile dropkick from the middle-rope. King runs right into Ford's cutter...cover...it's over.

Penelope Ford wins by pinfall

Ford and Sabian celebrate after.

Main event time. Alan Angels and Shawn Dean are out next for another tag bout. They face Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) who come out with Orange Cassidy. Here we go.

Alan Angels/ versus Best Friends

Taylor and Dean begin. Tie-up. Dean hits an elbow then runs through Taylor with a shoulder bump. Taylor bounces up and nails a dropkick before tagging in Trent. Best Friends drop a double-elbow onto Dean. They allow him to tag in Angels. Trent and Angels tie-up...Trent slams him from a waistlock. Trent slaps Angels but Angels slaps him right back. A flurry of kicks from Angels ending in an enziguri. He comes off the ropes...HUGE lariat by Trent turns Angels inside-out. Rope-assisted northern lights suplex from Trent. He's not able to take advantage as Angels drives him into his team's corner and tags in Dean. Dean lights up Trent with uppercuts and a running corner knee. Taylor gets the hot tag and runs through Angels and Dean. Trent spears Dean at ringside while Taylor powerbombs Angels in the center. They hug in the center, which comes with the Rainmaker camera angle. Strong Zero comes shortly after...that'll do it.

Best Friends win by pinfall

That's the show friends.