When you're an up and coming wrestler, it's a dream come true when you get to face someone you idolized growing up. For Edge, his dream came true when he had the opportunity to face Owen Hart at WWF Breakdown: In Your House back in 1998.

In his interview on Inside The Ropes, Edge recalls how excited he was, and all the ideas he had going into their match.

"He had a little bit of a sore groin that night, he was all taped up, and I had all these ideas because I'd dreamt of wrestling Owen Hart," Edge began."He was one of the people when I would be driving, or I'd be daydreaming, or I'd be sitting in class, and I'd think, 'Right, Owen and I could do this, we could do that, or what if we did this or what if we did that?'

"So now, I have the opportunity. So, I pitch all these ideas....and he was like, 'Cool, let's do it.' We came back after the match and he said, 'Man, that was fun, I actually got to wrestle.' That was a huge compliment. I'll never forget that."

Edge was one of many who was around the night that Owen tragically passed away in 1999. Though he left the building before the incident happened, he along with Gangrel rushed over to the hospital to find out what happened. Though they knew the status, they just couldn't bring themselves to believe it.

"We actually left the building because we weren't on the show," Edge noted."I think Luna called Dave (Gangrel) because we were riding together and told us, and we went to the hospital. Jeff was the only one there, and we just sat. We knew, but we just sat there. We sat there for hours just thinking that can't be real, how is that real? Even to this day, it just doesn't seem real."

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