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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with the first semi-finals match in the #1 Contenders Tournament!

Ace Austin vs. Hernandez

Ace Austin throws the first jab as the match gets going. Hernandez backs Austin up towards the ropes, then shoulder tackles him to the ground. Austin comes flying in with a springboard. Hernandez stops him with a kick, then drops him stomach first. Austin looks for a sunset flip, Hernandez doesn't budge. Hernandez catches Austin midair after Austin dives through the middle ropes. Austin low blows Hernandez, while the referee isn't looking.

Austin corners Hernandez. He tries to pick Hernandez up but has a hard time doing so. Hernandez reverses it with a powerslam. Austin corners Hernandez again and locks in a foot chokehold. Hernandez is down and out. Austin sends Hernandez rolling with a snapmare, then locks in a front facelock. Hernandez fights free. Austin dropkicks Hernandez towards the corner. Austin goes for the cover, Hernandez kicks out at 2.

The momentum starts to change as Hernandez connects several clotheslines, then throws Austin across the ring. Hernandez comes crashing in with a backbreaker. Hernandez covers, Austin kicks out. Hernandez sets Austin up for the Border Toss. Austin slides out from behind, and clips Hernandez with a kick. Austin flies in with a crossbody, Hernandez grabs him. Austin counters with a hurricanrana. Austin sets himself up in the corner, connects The Fold on Hernandez, and wins the match.

Winner: Ace Austin

Ace Austin advances to the finals.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run through tonight's lineup.

Cody Deaner is heading to the Deaner Compound for his match tonight!

Backstage: Chris Bey is getting ready for his match. Johnny Swinger says that he'll be in Bey's corner tonight.

The North make their way to the Deaner Compound. They can't help but make fun of it.

Backstage: Michael Elgin reflects on his wins before his semi-finals match against Trey. He believes he will always be the #1 Contender until he beats Tessa Blanchard.

Speaking of The Deaners, Cousin Jake heads down to the ring to face Chris Bey!

Chris Bey (w/Johnny Swinger) vs. Cousin Jake

Both men lockup. Cousin Jake pushes Bey towards the corner. Bey breaks the hold by climbing up the middle rope. Cousin Jake grabs him off the middle rope and tosses him. Bey flips out of a clothesline. Cousin Jake throws a solid right hand that sends Bey halfway across the ring. Cousin Jake goes for a lateral press cover, Bey wiggles out. Cousin Jake lands a hard knee on Bey's throat. Bey finds his momentum with a springboard. Their match will continue after the break!

Back from the break, Chris Bey dropkicks Cousin Jake in the corner. Bey puts the boots on Cousin Jake, then knees Cousin Jake across his throat. Bey sends Cousin Jake down again with a step-up enziguri. Cousin Jakes moves out of the way before Bey lands a standing moonsault. Cousin Jake connects a discus clothesline, turning Bey inside out.

Cousin Jake bodyslams Bey, then goes for the cover. Bey kicks out at 2. Cousin Jake is shocked Bey kicked out of it. Chris Bey rocks Cousin Jake with a flying knee. Bey slips out the back, and reverses with a Code Red. Cousin Jake catches Bey and sets him up for a powerbomb. Cousin Jake goes for a cover, Bey rolls out at 2. Cousin Jake tackles Bey with a spear. Johnny Swinger climbs up on the apron, Cousin Jake pushes him off. As Cousin Jake turns around, Bey connects the Famouser, then the Final Finesse. Chris Bey wins the match.

Winner: Chris Bey

Post-Match: Johnny Swinger climbs into the ring and attacks Cousin Jake. Willie Mack runs down to the ring to help Cousin Jake out.

Backstage: Gabby Loren asks Rohit Raju what's next for him? He says nothing! Chase Stevens joins in on the interview. Raju wants to know why guys like him take away his spotlight. Stevens calls him out on his whining. Raju challenges Stevens to a match next week.

Up next, a Knockouts re-match!

Kimber Lee vs. Havok

Kimber Lee runs towards Havok and keeps her cornered. Havok pushes her off. Havok tosses Lee towards the turnbuckle. Lee connects four roundhouse kicks, then locks in a sleeper hold from behind. Havok rises to her feet and slams Lee spine first into the turnbuckle. Havok grabs Lee and slams her down with a spinebuster. Havok keeps the offense going with three running boots. Lee breaks out of the firewoman's position by grabbing Havock's face. Nevaeh runs into the ring and stops Lee from grabbing her brass knuckles. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner By Disqualification: Kimber Lee

Post-Match: Nevaeh and Havok join forces.

Backstage: Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan confront Kylie Rae. Susie hears all the commotion from next door. Steelz and Hogan attack Susie and Rae. A few flashes appear on the screen of Su Yung. It looks like Susie might have to channel Yung in to help her take on Steelz and Hogan next week.

At the Deaner Compound: The North are greeted by some of Cody's family.

Backstage: Joesph P. Ryan runs into The Crist Brothers. He informs them that he has a match with Crazzy Steve next week. He wants to invite both Dave and Jake to join him at ringside.

Alright, it's Time To GIV'ER! The North wants to know who Cody's partner is going to be. Wheels, Cody's partner, is here! Their brawl begins.

The North vs. Cody Deaner & Wheels for the Impact Tag Team Championships

Cody and Wheels send Josh Alexander towards the turnbuckles. Their brawl is scattered in and out of the ring. Ethan Page throws a bag of golf clubs at Wheels. Alexander rolls a tire towards Cody, but he moves out of the way. Cody throws Alexander into the back of a truck. Page climbs in to help his partner. Cody flies out of the truck and lands on Page and Alexander! Alexander and Cody's brawl heads towards the top of a truck trailer. Alexander connects a tombstone piledriver on Cody. Page and Alexander head back to the Compound ring to take Wheels out.

The referee gets involved with a 619 on Page, then flies off the top rope with a 450 Splash, but Page rolls out of the way. Cody makes his way back in the ring! Cody connects Time To GIV'ER, but the referee is knocked out and can't count his cover. The North sends Cody rolling out of the ring after they put The Nothern Assault on him. Wheels grabs The North by their throats for a double chokeslam, but The North's friend, and announcer, Iceman, sneaks up from behind and low blows Wheels. Iceman is now the new referee. The North covers Wheels, and they win the match.

Winners: The North

Post-Match: Cody's family runs after The North!

Backstage: After that wild and fun match, TJP and Fallah Bahh feel like they are in the running towards competing for the Tag Team Championships. The Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) make their way into the interview to inform TJP and Bahh that they strongly disagree with his statement. TJP challenges them to match to see who will become the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships!

At The Treehouse: The Rascalz are hanging out before Trey's match against Elgin tonight! Moose finds his way in The Treehouse. Moose thinks Trey should go after his Championship, and not Tessa's.

After, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown. It's Moose vs. Cody Rhodes.

A vignette is shown of what could be a new Knockout debuting soon: Deonna Purrazzo!

At The Bar: It seems that Rosemary and John E. Bravo are starting to get along, maybe? Bravo is venting to Rosemary about the things Taya Valkyrie makes him do. But, Rosemary makes him look on the bright side, she's their ally.

Mathews and Rayne run through next week's card, which will be updated after the main event match. Some of those matches include:

Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Susie & Kylie Rae

Crazzy Steve vs. Joesph P. Ryan

"Locker Room Talk" with Chris Bey

And, the final match to determine who will win it all in the #1 Contenders Tournament!

And now, the main event, and last semi-finals match!

Michael Elgin vs. Trey

Michael Elgin sends Trey rolling off of him as the match begins. Elgin and Trey reverse out of each other's wristlocks. Trey tries to go for a takedown, but Elgin reveres the takedown with head scissors. Trey maneuvers out of the head scissors and sends Elgin over with an arm drag. Elgin finds his footing but Trey is just a tad quicker. Trey flies off the ropes with a Rana. On the apron, Trey sets up for a moonsault, gets caught, then counters it into a DDT.

Trey sends him back into the ring. Trey goes for a cover, Elgin kicks out at 2. Elgin yanks Trey off the ropes and double hooks Trey down on the mat. Elgin goes for a cover, Trey kicks out at 2. Elgin corners Trey and throws down a few chops. Elgin floors Trey with a strong right hand. Trey gets up and is fighting with all this might with four strikes. Elgin smashes him face-first on top of the turnbuckle. Elgin connects a back elbow, then covers Trey. Trey gets his shoulder up at 2. Elgin lands another elbow towards Trey's face. Trey fights back and Elgin is starting to look worn down. Elgin recoups in the corner but gets rocked with an elbow/knee strike combination by Trey. Their match will continue after the break!

Back from the break, Trey throws multiple forearms towards Elgin in the middle of the ring. Trey goes full-on Matrix and takes Elgin down. Trey heads for a cover, Elgin kicks out. Elgin catches Trey mid-air with a cutter. Elgin goes for a lateral press cover, Trey kicks out right away. Trey climbs back up. Elgin connects a thunderous forearm. Trey is still in it with a superkick, Elgin returns a superkick of his own. Trey flips Elgin over, Elgin counters it with a clothesline, nearly taking Trey's head off.

Trey connects a combo of kicks and a bottom rope cutter. Trey covers, Elgin kicks out. Trey and Elgin are up on the ropes. Trey sends Elgin flying with another Rana. After landing that impressive move, Trey turns Elgin inside out. They both make their way back up on the ropes again. Trey connects a double knee takedown off the top rope! Trey rolls Elgin up, Elgin, surprisingly, kicks out. Trey heads up top again, Elgin counters once Trey falls. As Elgin tries to put this match away with an Elgin Bomb, Sami Callihan's "ICU" logo pops up on the screen. Trey rolls the distracted Elgin up, and wins the match!

Winner: Trey

Trey advances to the finals! He will face Ace Austin next week!

Post-Match: Elgin throws everything and anything that is in his way, after taking that devastating loss.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching! Here's a sneak peek of what's to come on next week's episode:

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