Michael Jordan has "The Last Dance" documentary and The Undertaker has "The Last Ride." Could Ric Flair have his own signature doc that's more expansive than his 30 for 30 on ESPN? Flair was asked about that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I think that's being talked about… because there is so much more. Even starting over from when I retired as I've been the luckiest guy alive. Yes, I've worked hard and put in the time, but I feel God – and this is not me trying to sell religion – but I've been given this phenomenal gift called life. It was brought to me by wrestling and here I am," said Flair.

"I think there's talks about it. It would be WWE and there's a whole another chapter."

Flair would be on just about anyone's Mount Rushmore of Wrestling. Flair was asked who he would put on his version alongside himself.

"I hate doing that because it hurts people's feelings. Here's what I told Steve [Austin]: is the Mount Rushmore about drawing money or about being the best wrestler? Is it about having the biggest impact? There's so many different ways to define it," stated Flair. "You've gotta put Hulk and Steve and from there you go on. From drawing money, you've got to put The Rock on there. Some say he wasn't in the business long enough, but look what he did with it. He drew monstrous money."

Flair mentioned that Austin's career ended at 38 years old which is young in wrestling. He then talked about how Edge was able to return to the ring after what was believed to be a career-ending injury and wondered if the same could happen for Austin.

"If Austin came back, how big would that be? That last match, he never got to have really," said Flair.

He then talked about a recent Bret Hart interview where Hart said it's just an honor to be considered one of the greatest wrestlers ever and Flair said he has the same feeling.

"[Hart] said that at 61 – and he's ten years younger than me – that I'm in the conversation of being one of the best. I'm thinking that 10 years later that's me and I'm happy and honored to be in the conversation," said Flair.

"I think I've inspired so many people that have done great. People like Hunter and Shawn – both of those guys are great in their own rights. At Hunter's birthday party in front of 50 people, he said that he's so honored to have me here as I'm the guy he idolized growing up. You can't but that. I can't buy Steve Austin saying I'm the GOAT or Taker saying he feels the same way. You can't buy that. You can't write it down or tweet it. Those are the people who matter."

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